The staff of our organization consists of:

  • Linda D. Williams: Operations Manager/Owner
  • Renae Williams: Field Manager/Owner
  • Paul Williams: Field Representative/Supervisor
  • Harry Lee: Field Representative/Supervisor
  • John Williams: Supervisor
  • Asia Roberts: Accountant
  • Dion Reeves: Floor Specialist
  • 15 maintenance employees.
  • Our company has successfully relied on recruitments
    from our State's EDD offices and local retired military personnel to fill employment vacancies.


We would like to take time to introduce you to Williams & Associates Plus One and it's employees. Our employees are efficient and well supervised workers.

We use the most innovative materials and equipment to fulfill our services. We are bonded and insured, and we take pride in the display of our workmanship. Our employees are trained in the professional field of cleaning and maintaining a healthy work environment.

The list of cleaning products: all-purpose cleaner, glass and window cleaner, bathroom cleaner/deodorizer, lime and scale remover, liquid hand soap, degreaser/cleaner, carpet shampoo, furniture polish, chrome polish/cleaner, graffiti remover, brass polish/cleaner, floor finish/disinfectant, floor stripper, enzymatic cleaner/degreaser, wood floor/furniture wax/cleaner, solvent spotter/gum remover. All the products used at your site will be environmentally safe and to the specifications described in contract. The MDS list will be available upon request.


Williams and Associates has twenty-four hour service and your needs are our needs to fulfill while servicing your location. We have been in business for over thirty-five years and within that time span we have satisfied various companies, including GTE Communications, State of California, Verizon Communications, State of California Highway Patrol and The Department of Rehabilitation.

Williams & Associates Plus One shall perform services listed in accordance with those standards and specifications set fourth in the requirements for custodial services.

Services will be subject to inspection and acceptance by OSHA. Any services which do not meet the specifications or terms of agreement shall be promptly corrected by contractor.

All services furnished by Williams & Associates Plus One shall be performed in a diligent, efficient and skillful manner, to the best of CONTRACTOR'S ability, and at the highest levels of performance and quality available in the janitorial services industry.

Williams & Associates Plus One shall comply with the provisions of applicable federal, state and local laws, ordinances, regulations, and codes in our performance under this agreement. The employees of Williams & Associates Plus One shall comply with all rules and regulations of standards for security. We shall also exercise all reasonable caution when working on your premises.

We are a company of exceptional leadership and performance. The workmanship with our current and previous contracts well exceeds the completeness of our job performance.

Williams & Associates Plus One has maintained a proven track record effectively servicing our customers. Our previous experience of thirty years has donated to our company's success.

We have always strived to reach quality results by studying and using the most appropriate materials. Our supplier, Merced Products, is a participant under the state's DVBE Participation Program and keeps us informed of all the new and environmentally safe products.


Our company's employees possess the abilities to work independently with thoroughness and excellent judgment.

Our company's success depends upon the ability of our staff to grasp a problem, evaluate the best way to solve it and then work until the solution is at hand. We take advantage of the training programs offered at the various supply companies and state organizations in floor care, safety techniques, shampooing of various type carpets and new equipment. We also distribute a Safety Letter once a month reminding our employees of safety requirements.

The staff of our organization consists of Linda D Williams, Operations Manager/owner; Renae Williams, Field Manager/owner; Paul Williams, Field Representative/supervisor; Harry Lee, Field Representative/supervisor; John Williams, Supervisor; Asia Roberts, Accountant; Dion Reeves, Floor Specialist; 15 maintenance employees.

Our company has successfully relied on recruitments from our State's EDD offices and local retired military personnel to fill employment vacancies. AIl of our employees, managers and staff, have extensive history with our company and in the field of maintenance.

The uniforms supplied by our company are a Grey T-shirt with company's name. All of our personnel have cell phones and there is a company's cell phone left at all of our sites in the janitorial closets. Our office has a 24-hour access telephone number and our supervisors have 24-hour access telephone numbers allowing our personnel immediate contact.